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TF2 TF2 23.0207

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Staging build
● We're still working on a few things with the projectile prediction. Everything is subject to change.
● Changed version naming system.

→ Cheater detection system will now alert you of real aliases of individual's of cheaters/non cheaters and automatically change their in-game name to it.​
→ Added slider to adjust the "up offset" in third person.​
→ Added options to adjust the "right offset" in third person. Along with the option to invert the offset. Both come with key bind support.​
→ Added option to toggle if aimbot or anti-aim angles are hidden from demo recordings.​
→ Added option to auto-format the ds_dir command. It'll sort your ds_enable recorded demos by type of server you were playing on.​
→ Added double click key control option for anti-aim, fake latency, and third-person.​
→ Added auto-release option for projectile aimbot when using "On attack mode".​
→ Added dormant esp for all world entities.​
→ Added the options to modify the eye angles of your viewmodel.​
→ Added option to prevent self-damage with auto-sticky detonation.​
→ Added ESP flag option to show who you're currently dueling.​
→ Added new auto-reflect targets: Rescue bolts, and heal bolts.​

→ Overall general performance improvements.​
→ Snipers in casual using invalid cosmetic layouts will be marked as cheaters now.​
→ Updated (anti-aim / fakelag) info panel to display the status of the feature "active when headshot threat" the info panel will show the status in color if an anti-aim will turn on upon detecting a threat. Otherwise, it'll be white.​
→ Refactored gravity offset calculations and overall improvements to every gravity-based projectile weapon.​
→ Improved turn prediction.​
→ Improved scottish resistance on high ping with the auto-sticky detonation.​
→ Projectile aimbot "On attack mode" will bypass hit-chance to better support legit style gameplay.​
→ Projectile aimbot will now uncharge the bow if you:​
Release the aim key only if the projectile aimbot recently ran.
Had the bow charged for more than 5 seconds.
→ Projectile aimbot will charge the sticky launcher.​
Automatically switch weapons to cancel the charge if no targets are found. This isn't active if auto-shoot is turned off or using on attack mode.
→ Projectile aimbot will automatically switch weapons with the loose cannon if it's about to explode with no valid targets near by.​
→ Renamed auto wrench to auto repair​
Added support for the rescue ranger.
→ Increased demoman max travel time from 650ms to 2500ms.​
Max travel time will respect the pills detonation time automatically.
→ Decreased minimum hit-chance from 25% to 1%​

→ Fixed velocity issues with player prediction.​
→ Fixed issue with the shot tracer's frequency not being removed on particle tracers.​
→ Fixed an issue where the sticky launcher speeds wouldn't be calculated correctly.​
→ Fixed an issue where the sticky launcher won't correct for gravity at all in certain cases.​
→ Fixed auto-vaccinator not reacting to arrows with the correct resistance.​
→ Fixed no idle kick not working on match making servers.​
→ Fixed an issue with projectile aimbot using the loose cannon where it wouldn't automatically charge the weapon in certain cases.​
→ Fixed a few issues with chams when rendering attachments on entities.​
→ Removed send bot identify due to the feature being patched.​
Not open for further replies.
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