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TF2 TF2 23.0414

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Staging build
→ Updated discord webhooks to now send party chat messages.​
→ Major improvements to crit-hack to resync desynced damages.​
→ Improvements to "show hitboxes on hit" visually.​
→ Alpha settings for cham colours can be changed via colour picker now.​

→ Added "Conserve huo-longer heater ammo"​
● Continue to cancel the spinup if there is no targets nearby to your flames.​
● Canceled if: Holding the attack button down, holding your DT key while charged, or near an ammo source like a dispenser/payload cart.​

→ Added new tracer effect called lines.​
● Color can be customized and outlines can be toggled.​

→ Added projectile trajectory visualizer.​
The alpha setting will be set to zero by default for people who have existing configs. So the lines will be invisible until you adjust the alpha setting.
● Impact camera. (Will show you an in-game POV of where the projectile will land)​
● Show trajectory path. (Will show where the projectile will end)​
● Show trajectory flight. (Upon firing the weapon, it'll show a tracer ascending from point A to B)​

→ Added alpha customization support for backtrack and fake angle chams.​
→ Added double tap "bar" and "bar sheen" colour customization.​
→ Added option for reveal spy models ("include localplayer") to remove disguise effects on your player model.​
→ Added options to customize the world's exposure and bloom settings.​
→ Added option toggle uber sharing.​
● Option to configure the target swap delay.​

→ Fixed a crashing issue related with show hitboxes.​
→ Fixed issue with hitman's heatmaker automatically deploying charges.​
→ Fixed issue with disable motd causing kicks on community servers.​
→ Fixed a few issues with streamer mode leaking your real alias.​
Not open for further replies.
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