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TF2 TF2 23.0525

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Staging build
→ Modified the command 'load_itempreset' to no longer have the clientsided 500ms ratelimit check.​
→ Updated anti-aim active headshot threat to stay enabled for one second after no threats are detected.​
→ Updated projectile impact camera to turn off if the impact position is near by you.​
→ Updated Teleporter ESP to include the type of Teleporter with in the name.​

→ Added splash bot.​
● Works on Rocket Launchers, Detonator, and Sticky Launcher.​

→ Added option for bullet tracers to apply to your sentry.​
→ Fixed issue with constant trajectory line not being removed upon death.​
→ Fixed a crashing issue caused by impact camera.​
→ Fixed various trace and aim point issues with projectile aimbot.​
Not open for further replies.
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