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TF2 TF2 23.0624

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Staging build
→ Updated default config to have party networking off.​
→ Unlocked the cl_ragdoll_convars.​
→ Added an option for no-idle kick to enable/disable automatic class selection.​
→ Added a delay setting for auto disguise.​
→ Added option to toggle the 3d impact box for projectile trajectory lines.​
→ Added double tap support for attack2 for the flamethrower and short circuit.​
→ Added 'Use double tap hitbox' overrides priority hitbox when using double tap.​
→ Added Viewmodel weapon sway.​
→ Added 'MvM: Giant weapon sounds'​
→ Added unlock equip regions.​
→ The dropdown arrow has been straighten when opened.​
→ Fixed an issue with show hitboxes on hit.​
→ Fixed projectile aim offsets causing issues with gravity calculations.​
→ Fixed issue where the real angle calculation wouldn't account for the send angle.​
→ Fixed fake angle chams being inaccurate on local servers.​
→ Fixed auto-reflect not using server-side silent aim.​
→ Fixed server-side silent aim 'snaps' showing in demo recordings.​
→ Fixed issue with fake latency where if your real latency was higher than the fake latency amount, various features that required packet choking wouldn't work at all.​
→ Fixed issues where various features wouldn't consider your fake latency amount when predicting positions via latency.​
→ Fixed a wrangler reskin 'Giger Counter' not being marked as a wrangler.​
→ Fixed third person camera being stuck toggled on when dead or in spectate. (Which in turn prevents first person spectating)​
→ Fixed transparent viewmodels / weapons when spectating somebody in first person.​
→ Fixed UI panels going to the top left of the window when tabbed out in fullscreen.​
→ Fixed issue where 'no zoom fov' was disabled. Spectating scoped snipers in first person would still have no zoom fov.​
→ Fixed streamer not hiding the player tooltip on the top left 'lobby bar'.​
→ Fixed streamer not hiding player avatars on the win panel.​
Not open for further replies.
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