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TF2 TF2 23.1023

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Staging build
→ Updated known cheater system to now include group association.
→ Added ignore friends option for anti-backstab.
→ Added option for reveal spy models to remove cloak effect.
→ Added 'deadringer deployed' flag for spies.
→ Added bonus ducks to objective ESP.
→ Added ESP for halloween pickups.

→ Added blast radius slider for splash bot and auto-sticky detonation.
● Can be used to down-scale the blast radius if wanted.

→ Updated block regions to cover newly added regions to TF2.
→ Players who have the market gardener equipped with the blast jump condition will now be considered crit-boosted.

→ Fixed an issue with melee aimbot where it wouldn't target players in certain positions.
Not open for further replies.
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