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TF2 TF2 23.1213

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Staging build
→ Updated known cheater system to now separate bots from cheaters.
→ The bonk and vaccinator conditions on player ESP will now show an estimated expire time
→ Changes to Info Panel Font Size and Status colors.
→ Changed spectator panel arrow from '->' to '→'.
→ Updated projectile aimbot logic for the huntsman to allow manually pressing mouse2 to un-charge the bow.
→ Improved the visual 'quality' of the constant projectile trajectory lines.
→ Fixed issues with auto repair when 'acp' is active.
→ Fixed auto sticky detonation with the scottish resistance not working properly with anti-aim.
→ Fixed vis-checking issues with splash-bot when crouching.
→ Added automatic heal arrow.
● Automatically switches from the medigun to the crossbow and back after firing.
→ Added option 'Disable known actor alias' when active it'll no longer override in-game name of the player with their known actor alias.
→ Added option 'Censor bot names' to censor bot in-game names to 'Bot'.
→ Added option 'Block chat for bots' to block chat messages from bots. (mimics cl_mute_all_comms 1)
→ Added option to show the beta vaccinator bubble around players.
→ Added option to unrestrict equip regions. (again)
→ Added option to make the player top / bottom text (grayed / team) coloured or unaffected when dormant.
→ Added option to control glow bloom.
Not open for further replies.
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