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TF2 TF2 24.0326

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Staging build
→ Added more bot detection logic.
→ Added seed prediction.
→ Added free camera.
→ Added aimbot support for throwable weapons: (Cleaver, Jarate, Mad milk, Gas passer)
→ Added option to only show players spectating you. (Spectator list)
→ Added health color for glow.
→ Added key binding support for auto sticky detonation.

→ Updated party networking waypoint marker to work with free camera.
→ Updated 'auto retry on team balance' to not reconnect when there's an active vote-kick against you.
→ Major improvments to our VPhysics trajectory simulator.
→ Performance improvements to projectile prediction.
→ Refactored splashbot.

→ Optimizations.
→ Creates points on walls and ceilings.

→ Renamed 'Avoid auto team balance' to "Auto avoid team balance'
→ Moved 'Auto avoid team balance' to the automations tab.
→ Moved 'Auto rev jump' to the automations tab.
→ Moved 'Thirdperson' and 'Custom FOV' to (Visuals -> Others -> Camera)
→ Renamed "Disable player cosmetics' to 'Hide player cosmetics'.
→ Renamed and moved to a dropdown: Disable functionality

→ Moved Disable Server MOTD.
→ Server chat messages
→ Player gibs
→ Player taunts
→ No push renamed to 'Team pushback'

→ Renamed and moved to a dropdown: Remove restrictions/limits

→ Renamed 'Unrestricted equip regions' to 'Equip Regions'
→ Renamed 'Remove taunt restrictions' to 'Taunt'
→ Renamed 'Remove kart restrictions' to 'Halloween kart'
→ Renamed 'Remove cage restrictions' to 'Halloween cage'

→ Updated automatic heal arrow

→ Improvements to the swap and return logic and time.
→ Removed minimum heal amount and run vaccinator logic option.

→ Fixed throwable weapons not turning off anti-aim properly.
→ Fixed crit-hack calculation issues.
→ Fixed few issues with anti-backtrack.
Not open for further replies.
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