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TF2 Cheat Review

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My review for RijiN is a 9/10 and I will explain why in a bit first I will explain how I discovered RijiN, the way I discovered it was, to be honest by wanting double tap. I have been using ******* before finding out about RijiN and to be honest the change was worth it even though this hack is monthly it still has features that can dominate ******* and other software providers.

The aimbot for RijiN is good probably better than most you can hit fake lag scouts but in my opinion, the aimbot shines on heavy and scout, both of them I usually never have problems and in an hvh scenario, you would almost win every time . Now on to the projectile aimbot it's amazing with solider it where it does the best (I think so at least) using the huntsman works well also (Comparing the Projectile aimbot to other providers I do think RijiN does way better at least in my experience ). The spread manipulation I don't use much but when I did it worked well for doing damage to people across the map.

The esp is clean and I like it but one thing I would maybe add is to be able to pick a color you want as I think blue and red are kinda plain but I do like the style of the ESP.

For misc, I would say it does the job and does it well it has features you need and not some random feature that rarely anyone will use When using the auto sticky detonator it works super well I have killed people from random stickies that I forgot about, I can't say much about misc as I only use bhop and sometimes auto strafe.

DT :
The DT on this hack is amazing for scout and heavy was it shows how strong it is, it gives you an advantage in almost every situation.

The hack does well for hvh if anyone will try to fake-lag as a scout you almost every time just kill them. The best thing for hvh on this hack in my opinion is heavy with double tap or DT combining them will guarantee you the kill almost every time. The aa is good but of course, you are not untouchable.

Some flaws that I have had while using RijiN is sniper whenever I have backtrack on it will rarely hit it but I'm pretty sure this will be fixed in the recode. Another issue is whenever I have backtrack on with a scout I would rarely double-tap it would only shoot out on bullet but a way to counter this is to turn off backtrack when it's off it works well. Another flaw that is not as important is auto airblast it seems to be way too delayed as I would always airblast right as I got hit.

Hopefully, all of the issues I mentioned will be fixed in the upcoming recode
Thank you have a good day and keep up the good work.
Thanks for the review, seeing that you like what we currently have; you'll love the recode!
I've added some time to your subscription, Enjoy!
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