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[TF2] My experience with RijiN


AIMBOT: 9/10
Literally had no issues with it, works perfectly if you know how to config it.

For me it's very good, my only issue that i had with it was with Fake Latency as Spy sometimes missing which lead me dying few times.

Visuals: 10/10
Visuals are beautiful and perfect, and also very good optimized i can say.

Hack Vs Hack: 9/10
The Anti-Aim is very good if you know how to config it properly people.
Fakelag is also good i can say it's one of the best.
Resolver yeah it's good but sometimes i have issues with it but nowadays you just go only Baim.
Fake crouch didn't use it that much but when i did, it worked perfectly.

Miscellaneous: 10/10
Has a lot of useful features.
Bunnyhop and Auto Strafer: Very good i can say.
Fake latency: It's good but sometimes it just misses as Spy and i have no idea why.
Doubletap: Definitely 10/10, perfect never had issues with it.
Crithack: Also perfect, only issue with is with the crit indicator thing where u don't have crits but it's easily fixable.
Fast queue: Easy and good to use.
Party networking: Good and perfect, can be extra useful in HvH when you are with other RijiN users.
Auto vote: I never used it so i can't give my opinion about it.
Others: As i said above, it's very good and has a lot of useful features, simply perfect.

Automations: 9/10
The Auto-Vaccinator is perfect, the best you can use right now.
Auto Uber/Kritz also very good.
Auto Reflect/Airblast is simply the best i have ever used.
Others (Auto detonation, Auto sapper..) Simply good and the best.

Playerlist: 10/10
Good and easy to use, can't say nothing more.

Lobbies: 9/10
Very good if you want to do a full party of RijiN users, but most of the time it's dead.

Overall i can say RijiN it's the best cheat you can use, simply perfect and good features in it and you should buy it, it's 100% worth it.
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