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[TF2] Review as a first time user

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I recently saw that RijiN was on sale so I decided to purchase a 90 days subscription to give it a shot. As everyone knows nothing is perfect and I am here today to give you the upsides and downsides about the cheat. English is not my main language but I'll try my best to give everyone my opinion.

Once injected you will notice a subtle FPS drop but nothing major, from my personal experience the cheat is very optimized and maintains the FPS well even with lots of enemies and teammates rendered. I usually get more FPS using RijiN than *******, this might be different for you.​

I've had problems before with *******'s loader where sometimes it decides not to inject the cheat and I have to close Steam, TF2 and try again. This doesn't happen with RijiN and the injection rate is 100%.​

+ Pros:
  1. The menu is simple, easy to navigate and the features are well categorized making it really easy to find what you want.​
  2. You can position the panels wherever you want on your screen.​
  3. A lot of options to customize certain features.​
  4. You can change the menu/background color.​
- Cons
  1. The ESP/Chams can be a little confusing to configure the way you want them to be when it's your first time using RijiN.​
  2. The sliders are thin and honestly threw me off at the beggining, you need to click and slide your mouse on the feature name to choose what value you want and not the actual slider itself.​
  3. At the time of writing you can't share your configs with other users.​
  4. At the time of writing the config names are not changeable.​
  5. At the time of writing you cannot have more than 5 configs.​
  6. You can't use the scroll wheel to scroll down through the menu, you have to use the scroll bar.​
  7. The color picker transparency slider only works on certain features.​
  8. No description for the features. For example, on the double tap theres an option called shift on key I tried using it but it doesn't do anything and I still don't know what it does.​

+ Pros
  1. RijiN's projectile aimbot is far superior than *******'s and it's more than capable of hitting air shots, strafing enemies and annoying scouts, the predictions are on point and if you know when's the right time to shoot you are going to dominate every match. If you are not patient and you have the projectile aimbot to always auto shoot your enemies, the projectile hit chance will stop/help you from shooting when the cheat thinks it's not going to hit, one major difference is that RijiN's projectile aimbot also has scans your enemies for visible body parts and it's not dependent on one part of the body only. Overrall it is definitely the best projectile aimbot publicly available.​
  2. Projectile max travel distance.​
  3. Double donk is decent but not reliable since your enemies are always moving.​
  4. With the way the aimbot configuration was implemented, you don't need to create a new config for different classes. RijiN gives you the option to individually config the entire aimbot section for each class in the game.​
  5. The auto melee doesn't share the same keybind with the aimbot.​
  6. Consistent auto backstab.​
  7. Lots of options to choose what entity the aimbot should aim at.​
  8. Configurable hitscan system (Head, Pelvis and Upper Chest).​
  9. Configurable/toggleable bodyaim and ignore vaccinator system for the sniper.​
  10. Auto wrench for the engineer that repairs, upgrades and remove sappers from your building.​
- Cons
  1. Spread manipulation is based on hitchance and not target distance.​
  2. Ignore vaccinator is only present on sniper.​
  3. The projectile aimbot for demoman always shoots over sentries.​
  4. The projectile multipoint doesn't work for demoman.​
? Missing features
  1. Projectile aimbot for weapons like wrap assassin, jarate etc.​

+ Pros
  1. The Player ESP itself is basic and simple, my favorite part is that you can choose each individual flag conditions you want the ESP to show.​
  2. The World ESP/Chams/Glow is super configurable, RijiN gives you the option to toggle and choose a different color for everything.​
  3. Glow is super nice and minimalistic.​
  4. You can choose between team based or enemy/friendly ESP color.​
  5. A cheater detection system that warns you in chat and on the ESP if another cheater is in your game.​
  6. The "Other" section has a lot of options for people that like to clutter their game with visual effects, I personally never liked to use these options but it's a nice addition to have.​
  7. Configurable thirdperson max distance.​
  8. The spectator panel not only shows who's spectating you but also your teammates.​
  9. More visual removal options than other providers.​
- Cons
  1. Some people say that RijiN's chams materials are a lot more customizable than other providers but I don't think thats true, RijiN only gives you 1 more option which is an Overlay material. This doesn't bother me because I like to use no materials on the players, but everyone taste is different.​
  2. No value option for the Health ESP​
  3. No percentage option for the Ubercharge ESP, this can get you offguard if you don't pay attention to the Ubercharge bar when playing.​
  4. The Ubercharge bar is on the same side as the Health bar, you can't change the position.​
  5. There isn't a easy way to toggle the teammates ESP/Chams/Glow you have to go through different tabs, buttons and dropdowns.​

To be honest I can't give you my solid opinion on the HvH tab because I haven't used it extensively but I'm going to point out what I liked about it.

+ Pros
  1. You have a lot more freedom to customize the antiaim angles.​
  2. An option that auto enables the antiaim when a cheater is threatening to headshot you​
  3. Antiaim autodirection.​
  4. If you don't like auto edge, RijiN let's you manually swap between your real and fake.​
  5. A great automatic resolver that shows you its status and what's happening.​
  6. Fake duck, if you ever played CSGO you know how annoying fake duck can be.​
  7. Easy toggleable legit antiaim.​
  8. Peek assist if for some reason your brain is slow.​
  1. If you never configured an antiaim before you'll have some trouble configuring it for the first time. This wasn't a problem for me but it can be for others.​

+ Pros
  1. Directional auto strafe with avoid walls option if you are blind.​
  2. Customizable turn speed.​
  3. The crit hack let's you choose if you want to skip natural criticals or not, and my favorite part is that you have an option to automatically use a crit when using the auto melee aimbot.​
  4. Double tap is consistent, precise and it actually works unlike *******'s.​
  5. Shared ESP and resolver data for other RijiN users on your party.​
  6. Chat tags are a nice addition and overrall improve your quality of life.​
  7. A community server lagger exploit publicly available and not gatekepped.​
- Cons
  1. RijiN disables the double tap on specific weapons like medigun, stickybomb launcher etc. Why is this bad? With the doubletap disabled on these weapons you can't use the boost option and you need to swap to a supported weapon in order to use the boost.​
  2. Reveal spy models also reveals and shows the models of cloaked spies, an option for that would be nice.​
  3. Bot detection doesn't seem to work for me, it detects bots as cheaters causing the antibot features to not work. Example: auto vote and auto mute (apparently the detection method was patched).​
? Missing features
  1. Player list.​
  2. Auto accept item drops.​
  3. Ping reducer.​
  4. A way to manually mark players as cheaters or bots, these manually marked players should only be available to the local user and not shared with RijiN's cheaters database.​

+ Pros
  1. Auto vaccinator is really good and you have the option to customize the sensitivity of each damage type.​
  2. Auto vaccinator changes to fire resistance when your patient has afterburn unlike you know *******.​
  3. You can choose between full auto vaccinator control or passive which only uses a charge on a lethal attack.​
  4. Auto reflect is customizable and you even have the option to redirect the projectile to your enemy or if it's a healing arrow you can redirect it to your teammates.​
  5. You are able to individually choose what projectiles you want the auto reflect to target.​
  6. Auto reflect also extinguishes your teammates.​
  7. The auto rocket jumper launches you super far and you shouldn't sleep on it.​
  8. If you can't aim your shield charges the charge bot got you covered.​
  9. Configurable auto sapper for buildings and robots.​
- Cons
  1. Auto sticky detonation can sometimes trigger too early causing it to deal low or no damage at all.​
  1. This isn't a bad thing but the auto uber is based on the enemies that are close to you and not on the patient's health.​

The prices are fair and you shouldn't be scared of purchasing a subscription, RijiN is a great software and in my opinion it's the best public cheat available. I will definitely renew my 90 days subscription when it ends. Unfortunately where I live the minimum wage is $200/month and the lifetime subscription is not accessible for me but if you have the money I highly suggest you to not miss the sale that's going on right now to buy the lifetime subscription because you won't regret it.

RijiN is a solid software and it definitely performs better than other providers in every aspect possible, I could sit here all day and tell you why but I'll give you a rundown on what really made a difference for me: projectile aimbot, automatic resolver, a working and consistent double tap, eye friendly ESP/Glow/Chams and the awesome customizability that the cheat has. From what I've seen if you have problems with the software the staff are definitely going to help with your issue and they are not rude unlike other providers.​
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