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TF2 RijiN Review (~6 months)


Some background: Been using Hilarious Carton and Noel Corr for some years now. That’s what I’m comparing RijiN to.


10/10. Works perfectly and doesn’t impact fps much even on a 100 player server. The priority hitbox/hitscan hitbox feature is useful for hvh and the multipoint works well. Double tap is very accurate as is the Acurrate Unlag for players using fake lag, and backtracking too.

Projectile: 9/10. The best available in public software. It can get laggy with splash bot enabled and long ranges but aside from that it runs very well. Optimizations like splash assist and counterstrafe prediction makes it feel “smart”. Engine prediction leads to some crazy shots as it can take map geometry and airstrafing into account. The fact that it’s doing full-on engine prediction while still running as well as it does is impressive.

Visuals: 9/10. Pretty customizable but missing a couple things imo. The options to apply ESP, chams, and glow on different entities, objects, projectiles, and teams are nice and allow for a ton of different combinations. An option to change fonts would be great, as would some different positions for ESP text like top-left.

Automations: 10/10. The auto-Uber is the best in public software as is the auto airblast. The auto-vaccinator reacts to a bunch of different things that no other software I’ve used would, such as enemies using shotguns within one-shot distance, or Ubered heavies in your sight and in close range. The auto-airblast can redirect projectiles to enemies using projectile prediction, as well as auto-extinguish teammates and airblast enemies with melee, Uber, or bonk away. The miscellaneous options such as soldier whip aiming at teammates and autodetonate are good too. The implementation of auto rocket jump is pretty cool, as it changes the angle depending on how far you look up or down (I think?).

HvH: 10/10. One of the best for hvh. The dynamic antiaim and ability to have it switch every few seconds makes it OP against inferior software with poor resolvers. The auto-resolver is the best I’ve used in public software as it resolves just about any antiaim, given a few shots to cycle through the options.

Miscellaneous: 10/10. The directional strafe is great. Crithack works very well. Basically a bunch of stuff and it all works well.

Lobbies: Good in theory but people aren’t very friendly and tend to just kick you immediately.

Playerlist: 9/10. Works well and has what you would expect. The cheater/bot detection is useful as you can configure antiaim/fakelag to only activate against cheaters. Sometimes it can be a bit weird and not show a player. Being able to kick directly from there would be nice (unless you can and I’m just stupid xd).

(Hopefully this is formatted alright since I typed it on mobile)
good review! (your formatting is perfect btw) I also think it's cool that RijiN saves the people you've set as cheaters and bots. :>
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