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TF2 Rijin review

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Rijin is my first and favorite paid cheat so far (Thanks to MTFSCP aka U-96 for buying me rijin), so I decided to write a short review about this cheat.

Aimbot works pretty well, however it is not one of the most accurate when it comes to sniper riffles.

Projectile Aimbot, This is the feature I like the most in Rijin. It's way more accurate than other cheats and has the ability to set the hit chance so you can improve the accuracy of the aimbot depending on what weapon you are using.
I personally like using it with huntsman.

Doubletap is my second favorite feature on this cheat. thanks to this you gain a huge advantage in the short distance.
you can easily take care of an overhealed heavy without using crit hack.

Visuals are very simple and "eye friendly" sadly theres no way to change the colors yet.

Misc is a section that I don't have much to tell about, everything works as it should.

It is also worth mentioning that the cheat does not have any legit features.
which means you cannot stop the aimbot from shooting invisible spies.

Is rijin worth buying? Yes, this is one of the best cheats I have ever used
and i am going to purchase rijin again right after recode comes out.
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Thanks for the review, I've added some time to your subscription. Enjoy!
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