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TF2 rijin review

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I have used rijin for almost 2 months now and decided to write a review on it. I'll be reviewing aimbot, visuals and misc and also share some
of the bugs in the cheat and features the dev might want to add.
Hitscan Aimbot -
The hit scan aimbot on this cheat is nothing special it's just you'r average aimbot I dont think I need to say anything about
it other than sniper aimbot does miss with high mulitpoint but i think thats all.
Projectile Aimbot -
The projectile aimbot on this cheat . It's pretty good , it's not the best projectile aimbot but it can hit certain target
that other cheat will most likely miss . There is a few bugs with the projectile aimbot when a demo or solly has the base jumper equip and is
using it the aimbot does not take the base jumper velocity and misses and another bug is when a player duck jumps the velocity spikes the
proj aim will over shoot.
Visuals/Menu -
I like the menu it's clean and simple. The visuals are also simple but I prefer more options for chams and it would be nice if there is a glow
option and Fake angle chams as well as fake lag chams.
Misc/HvH -
HvH - anti aim there is only like 2 options for yaw and the resolver i'm not sure if it works or not cause I can hit other people anti aim and
other times I dump them but fake lag works fine.
Navbot - it's really fun to use on medic I find it funny when the medic is charging at people.
Auto sticky det is really good I could clear the entire team with medic crit pocket.
Doubletap - Works fine nothing else to say.
Crit hack - there is a bug when using Doubletap on minigun with crit hack it fake crit but on force of nature doubletap it works.
Far esp - It spams the party chat with numbers and might annoy people not using Lithium or Rijin
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