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[TF2] RijiN V1 - First Impressions/Review

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I've owned RijiN V1 for half a month now and I figured I'd give my general thoughts about it! I'll try to keep this as short as possible without loosing important information, let's see if I succeed!

Precheat Stuff​

Purchasing | Pricing

7/10 - Easy but somewhat pricy
The pricing for RijiN V1 is a little on the higher side and I've never been a fan of subscription cheats, but for what you get RijiN has some ok prices. $10 for essentially a trial, up to under $90 for a year. It's certainly not enticing at first glance. Actually purchasing is easy from what I have seen, but there is no option for paypal which can be an issue. I personally had to use a reseller since the service RijiN uses woldn't accept my card. Once you purchase you instantly receive the cheat. Overall not too many complaints, just hope to see a somewhat reduced price and paypal in the future.​
The Loader

9/10 - No real complaints
The loader for RijiN is really solid, making sure to provide as many options as possible to avoid any potential bans. I will say however these options can be redundant and even annoying as it will force close steam and give an alert each time it's opened with steam already running. Really wish it would just close steam and continue. That's about it. After opening the loader you simply select the game you wanna cheat on. That's it.​

The Cheat​

UI | Menu

10/10 - Clean
RijiN's menu is really clean, giving you everything you need in a compact but not overbearing way. The only issue I have is when opening the menu while not in a game the mouse can be desynced with your actual mouse, this is only a issue if you have a big monitor though and even then it's hardly really an issue. Thus far I have no real issues with the menu. Really solid.​


8/10 - Good for everything but sniper | RijiN's aimbot is one of the best aimbots I have seen in any cheat. It's got really great features including things I have never seen before such as server-sided silent aim. Unlag works exactly as you'd expect. I never really miss with RijiN, unless I am playing sniper. I'm not really sure if it's just my shit configing but I can only ever do ok as sniper. I never really do bad per-say but I never go godlike either. It's overall solid, just wish I could figure out why it's lackluster on sniper. Maybe you can do better than me I'm not sure.
10/10 - Damn. | The projectile aimbot with RijiN has been, so far, the best I've seen. I have never missed with it. Not much else to say, it's really fucking good.
10.1/10 - Flawless | Crithack is crithack, not really much to say. It works perfectly as intended and I also really enjoy the notification of when I have been critbanned, as well as telling me how much damage I need to do before I can get another crit. Bonus points for that.
9/10 - Good but not used much | I really enjoy the options given with this, being able to configure prioritizations as well as the hitbox logic for when to go for body or head or multipoint shots. I don't really use this often though as once you set it up after a few minutes you usually don't need to change it.
5/10 - Eh? | This is something I can't really speak on too much, I've tried it but I haven't really found any use for it and can't even really figure out what it's supposed to do.
7/10 - It does the job I guess | As someone who doesn't really HvH often I can't exactly speak too much on how well this is. From the few times I have HvHed it's worked pretty well. Desync hitboxes is a really neat feature too. The fakelag and resolver both work extremely well too. There aren't very many options though and given I don't really HvH at all the most I can say is it does the job.

Visuals | ESP

8/10 - Solid | Just gonna bundle it into a single block since it's all kinda the same thing. ESP is solid, looks really clean, the only issue I have is the font though since Fixedsys is kinda ugly. Object ESP is a little weird too since theres no color differentiation. Everything else such as thirdperson and what not works fine though. No issues here. Fixed spy models is really great too.


10/10 - No comment | It's backtracking. Not really much else to say. Works perfectly fine and the ESP ticks are great. Pairs great with fake latency as well.
10/10 - Super cool idea, amazing execution |This is something really cool. Using party chat to be able to get more detailed info of the game from other party member's clients. Not really sure what else to say. Super super cool idea and I wish more cheats had this.
?/10 - Can't find out how to get it working |Can't find out how to use this, so no comment.
10/10 - Lots of options, all work great | The options given here for stuff like automation with autowrench, detonate, airblast, etc is fantastic. The few exploits there are with noisespammer and such are cool too.
11/10 - The best. |I think this is what really put RijiN on the map, I know it's what made me buy it. It does not let down either. This is the best DT out there, by far. From what I've seen from RijiN V2 it's going to get even better as well. Absolutely flawless and a blast to use.

Final Thoughts​

I don't have many suggestions as I don't know what V2 will feature. I can give my hopes though:
1: More precise selection bars. Using the mouse to adjust things like FOV is annoying as I can't really get it precise.
2: More visuals. Theres only ESP rn and that's it.
3: A different base for the forums. Jesus christ trying to format posts like this is a fucking nightmare. Eevery other change completely breaks everything especially with spoilers.
This is a really good cheat. Absolute must have. There's not much to it though which does stop it from being a 10/10, but everything it does currently have gives it a solid 9.
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I'm not gonna fucking lie; that's probably the best review i seen yet...

EDIT: > 5/10 - Eh? | This is something I can't really speak on too much, I've tried it but I haven't really found any use for it and can't even really figure out what it's supposed to do.

It's tapfire and i guess it's supposed to work as nospread for minigun only i don't really know how to explain it but yeah
basically. for spread manip. if ur using minigun i recommend setting the value to 35. this means that if there is a less that or equal to 35 percent chance to hit your target it will tap fire to make you 100% accurate.
Amazing review, I've added some time to your subscription. Glad to see you're enjoying the current version and hope you stick around to see what the future holds.
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