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[TF2] Rijin v1 review

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I've used rijin for the past few months, it is currently my main cheat. Over the years I've played TF2, a lot of cheats have come by, and I've used most of the relevant ones, and to be honest, I've never been more interested in a cheat than with rijin. Also, it is to be noted that my review is based on a hack vs hack perspective, as that is my main focus when cheating.

-Aimbot: Pretty decent overall, a few issues with the accuracy and "aim at objects" option, otherwise it works as intended (I also wish the fov circle hadn't been removed).
-Projectile aimbot: Even though it has some rare bugs, it is by far the best feature in this tab, it's like nothing I've ever used.
-Crithack: It's good, better than the average crithack, although it still has some issues, albeit rare ones.
-Target: This has some interesting options, some of which isn't really seen in other cheats.
-Spread manipulation: Another feature that a lot of cheats lack, works as intended.
-Hack vs Hack: There is some controversy to this feature. Personally I think the antiaim is very limiting and some options are bugged, however the fakelag is very good, probably the best. As for the resolver, it's not great, however the options it has are very interesting and I would love to see what becomes of this.

-Player esp: Very nice and clean overall, the chams look good and it has a good set of options that are easy to configure, and there are no objective issues with it.
-Object esp: A lot more basic and a bit confusing due to no team colours, but it's just as clean.
-Rendering: Nothing too outstanding, I do wish the thirdperson had a toggle key and that the hand chams would be reverted, but I do like the indicators and "reveal scoreboard info" options.

-Backtracking: Works fine on melee weapons, outside of which it's pretty much broken, but I really do like the behaviour of backtrack visuals.
-Party networking: Along with lithium, this is the first cheat to pioneer party chat esp, which honestly deserves mention for it's ingenuity, I find it interesting even though I don't I don't personally use it.
-Nav Bot: From what I've gathered from others and my own testing, this "advanced followbot" works quite flawlessly and has some much needed options that other cheats don't have.
-Main: A lot of very remarkable options here: auto hop works as expected but I'm very impressed at the auto strafer which has a much more "advanced" behaviour compared to the average cheat. I really like the auto melee, it's more accurate than any other melee aimbot I've seen. Speedhack is interesting but I haven't used it enough to formulate an opinion on it. FastQ is something else I want to mention, as it is something that I use all the time and which I would like to see expanded. Auto wrench is another uncommon yet intuitive feature. I find that auto sticky is a lot more accurate than other cheats' auto detonate. Demo charge bot is an outstanding feature and I'm interested as to how it evolves.
-Double tap: It's very good, however it's not so accurate when moving around.

Aaaand that's it. If you actually read through that wall of text, then congrats and my condolences for wasting your time. Overall, I do like the direction in which the cheat is going, and I hope to see it atop of the HvH scene. This version of the cheat is obviously very bare bones and I think it's more of a showcase of what it's capable, and I don't think it's bad as it is, just not great. It should definitely not be passed over as a bad cheat without even trying it, and if you find anything in it interesting, I definitely suggest checking the cheat out.
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