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[TF2] Rijin V1 Review

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This is my first time doing a review, sorry if theres any mistakes in spelling and shit.
This is all personal opinion, maybe you don't like the cheat. but this is what i think about it.

Aimbot: 10/10, one of the best aimbots in the market from what ive seen, it isn't hard to config and you can hit p with it pretty easy. it needs a little bit of fine tuning for sniper, though.

Projectile Aimbot: 8/10, It gets the job done and i enjoy using it, hopefully it can be even better in v2.

NoSpread/NoRecoil: 5/10, NoSpread is very good, works well as scout and heavy, also works for engineer and other hitscan classes. Sadly the norecoil doesnt work from what ive seen, maybe its a issue on my end, i don't know yet.

Crithack: 8/10, needs some fixing with streaming weapons but its pretty good overall.

SpreadManipulation: N/A, never used it. maybe i will in the future.


Antiaim: 9/10, its easy to config and never failed on me. That's all i really need to say about it.

FakeLag: 8/10, It works and that's what matters, fun to use on scout.

Resolver: 9/10, it works well and helps out in 2v2s against heavy medic combos, looking to see a manual resolver in v2.


ESP: 9/10. simple and clean, i like it a lot, wish there was more to customize with though.

Chams: 10/10, I love the chams that's in rijin. best chams ive seen from a cheat on the market in my opinion.

Object Esp: Read Esp.

Something i would like to see is a hotkey to enable/disable thirdperson like you can do with some other cheats.
I dont really use many misc settings besides doubletap and backtrack. so i dont have much to say, doubletap and backtrack are p though.
Configging is not that hard to use and is easy and quick. (rijin_save and rijin_load)
Skinchanger is broken, dont use it.

Overall, rijin is prettygood, im exicited for v2 and i hope to see a bright future.
Thanks for the review, I've added some time to your subscription.
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