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TF2 Rijin V1 review

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Before using Rijin I used **** and ********.
Let's start from
[Aimbot]: 8.5/10.
Bullet aimbot:
Works good. Useful "Bodyaim when..." feature. Has some very rare misses, but they are not big issue.
May be just my config problem but it misses often for disguised spies(might be config problem).
Projectile aimbot:
Has good prediction. For some reason doesn't work as Demoman with Loch-n-load for enemies with parachute(Predict as if enemy is without parachute).
Useful "Minimum hit chance" and "Max travel time" features. Nice visual paths.
Rijin V1 has good aimbot with it's little disadvantages.
[Crithack]: 7/10.
It's......... Intresting.
It works well, sometimes it fake crits(as the rest of cheats).
It works very good with melee weapons.
Very nice crit visualizer, using numbers instead of filling bar.
Useful "crits banned *** damage until unban." function.
Game lags when I switch between weapons for the first time(when I swith after 1st time it doesn't lag). It's not big disadvantage, it can be fixed with fast switching between weapons at spawn.
Sometimes after switching class crits banned until round ends.
"Crits banned.
2000+ damage until unban."
[ESP]: 8.5/10.
Good visuals. Has problem to show nicknames that contain not English letters(hearts, letters of different language and etc). Pretty customizable.
[Radar]: 6/10.
Works. Pretty uncustomizable. I'd like to change it's shape, move it and have a classes icons instead of red dots.
[View and Scope FOV]: 10/10.
Works. I didn't find any issues with it. Scope FOV is a good combo with No scope.
[Backtrack]: 8/10.
It works, sometimes misses with spy backstab in hard situations like trying to trickstab.
[Double Tap]: 10/10.
It. Works. Perfect.
[Auto Airblast]: 8/10.
Mostly works, sometimes misses, but I think it's not very big issue.
Here are some functions, that work on 9/10, 10/10, I don't describe because of no comments:
Auto melee, Remove taunt restrictions, Auto hop, Auto strafe, whole Hack vs Hack menu, No scope, Thirdperson, Auto sticky, Spy auto disguise, Avoid auto team balance, Fake latency.
Functions, I didn't use:
Spread manipulation, Party networking, Nav Bot, Speedhack, FastQ, Medic bot, Auto wrench, Exploits menu, Fix spy models, Hand chams, Skinchanger(not working), Auto voting.
[Menu]: 8/10.
Menu itself is comfortable, simple to use, everything is divided into sections.
When it comes to numbers, you customize them using bars, which aren't very comfortable. I'd add a field for writing number near bar.
Rijin is very pleasant to use cheat. It's functions work great, but part with some little issues. But I'd like to see in V2 a bindable to enable/disable functions like fake lag and thirdperson.
I can rate it 9/10. It has some little issues to work on and I have my hopes on V2 on this point.
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