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TF2 Rijin.


So, the reason i decided to write a testimonial might seem rought, but i just thought that there is a lot of "potential" in the Rijin, considering the past of durrud and senator.

Menu 6/10.

Why i put such a small rating?
The menu is small, but there is a lot of functions, which makes menu overloaded

Please divide it in more parts, when there is just function under function under function, its hard to find things in it.

Another issue in the menu is that it doesnt have the tooltips & search function, there is a lot of functions where you cant just understand what it does from the name (e.x. bactrack to crosshair), please consider adding tooltips to at least most of the functions.

Aimbot 10/10.

Thats probably one of the most stable aimbots on the market right now, it might seem that there is lack of functions but to be honest, there isnt. The aimbot is that good probably cause of the senator csgo past, but thats a different story.

Projectile aimbot 8/10.

There isnt a lot to say about projectile aimbot, its pretty solid, not the best and not the worst, there is way to go, but well, its playable and even more than playable.

Visuals 10/10.

Clean, thats the word that describes visuals the better, they are clean, smooth, soft, thats one of the best visuals there is, no useless functions that are enabled by default nor exceeding ammount of things happening on the screen, they are just good.

Misc & Automations.

So, i decided not to rank these part of cheat is because well, there is nothing to rank to be honest, there is everything you will need, auto vac, auto kritz, auto uber, triggerbot, etc.

Tho one thing that i doesnt like in it is the thing, that there is no skinchanger & killstreak count, but well, they arent really necessary so its fine.

Config system 5/10.

The worst part of the cheat - config system. Why? Well, there isnt really a default config, you can missclick on save and you cant do nothing with it, you cant share nor create custom configs. Please consider adding confirmation and a different tab for it, so you can make custom configs as well as sharing them.

Exploits 10/10.

Amazing double tap, properly working crit hack, nothing to say aside that, didnt have a single issue with double tap, even tho i have played with the cheat for kind of a long time.

Overall the cheat for price of the 10$ is pretty, pretty solid, there is some crash issues, menu issues etc, but well, Rijin is probably the best products considering price/quality ratio, and considering how bad and outdated all the other TF2 products are.

I didnt talk about community, cause community isnt really a word in a public cheat.
Didnt talk about hvh cause well, why?

Thanks for reading first time i type something like that, but i hope you liked it.
Thank you for the review. Your catalytic converter has been stolen.
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