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TF2 RijiN


As a person that cheats for some while, I think I can say how good RijiN is compared to what I've used before, even though it's day 2 of using it.
Starting off, I didn't like the menu. While the features are abundant and it's a good thing, it all looks like a coffin sized flat in China, and there's no reason whatsoever for the menu to be this small. There's plenty of space, it could be at least 2 times bigger so that you could have larger text and no sliders... Speaking of sliders, I was flabbergasted when I scrolled with mouse3 and it did nothing. I was aiming at them more than I aimed ingame. The flag system is also kinda janky, it took me a while to figure out how to make aimbot hit prioritized targets instead of everyone or people flagged as bots/cheaters which I don't like because of false positives. The fact that you have to set aimbot to player priority for every single class is also uncomfortable. Another problem is the injection of the cheat, which really isn't bothering me, while I can certainly wait half a minute in main menu for RijiN to open itself, for some it may be uncomfortable and weird. Projectile aimbot isn't insane, but is more customizable than I've had before. Everything else is perfect. The amount of things you can change about your experience is more than pleasant. The price is not a problem for western countries, but for everyone else it is a pretty big purchase. I recommend easterners to wait for discounts. I wouldn't buy without discount, 8/10 with discount.
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