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TF2 V2 Review

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Aimbot [10/10] - Very good aimbot, it does miss sometimes (Projectile and hitscan) but its not very common.
Visuals [
10/10] - The visuals arent very customizable but they are very beautiful and they don't eat fps.
HvH [
8.5/10] - Great AA very customizable and hard to resolve for other cheats but the resolver can hit snipers for -3 dmg and does that pretty often but still very good nonetheless, and if peek assist had more settings like toggle.
Misc [
8/10] - Good auto strafer but the avoid walls feature can make you hit walls sometimes, Crithack didn't change much mostly the same as v1 but still good.
Fast Queue is great and you can use it as a sever switcher. The Auto record hvh matches feature starts recording matches when the cheater is in your team.
DT [10/10] - Butter smooth DT works on any ping low, medium and high it still manages to work without any issues. The boost feature is on par with ********'s ghetto solution tbh but its still better.
Automations [
9.5/10] Didn't use much of the automation features but the only issue I encountered is that the Auto rocket jumper feature can have autism and it will look at the ground but won't rocket jump.
I'm very happy that the dev team made such a great improvement, I remember v1 being such a buggy mess of a cheat. GJ
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