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TF2 TF2 x64 24.0512

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Staging build
32 Bit version of TF2 is no longer supported and has been disabled.

→ Major optimizations for hitscan, projectile, and melee aimbot target detection.
→ Improvements to cheater detection.
→ Fixed localplayer model not being visible in thirdperson if sv_cheats was enabled.
→ Fixed cvar queries failing since it wasn't updated to 64bit.
→ Added option to toggle thirdperson camera collision.
→ Added prediction path options to toggle outline.

→ Added max targets option for hitscan, projectile and melee aimbot.

→ Automatic mode configures max targets to the amount CPU cores and FPS you have.
* The aimbot target's list already knows who has the lowest fov or distance to you.
* It will not run on the player who is lets say position 4 in the target list if you've max targets set to 2.
* Even if it would otherwise shoot them.

→ Added estimated aimbot target visual.
Not open for further replies.
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