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TF2 TF2 x64 24.0529

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Staging build
→ Added option to disable aimbot when being spectated.
→ Added option to config the next heal target delay with auto-heal.
→ Added health text option for player ESP.
→ Added option for fake latency to always keep it on when using non lag comp weapons.
→ Splash radius circle '2D' for 'show trajectory path' and 'Show trajectory flight'

→ The circle will react to the map's surfaces.

→ Updated auto heal-arrow to not run when releasing an uber.
→ Updated hitscan aimbot for sentries to target other hitpoints.
→ Updated no idle kick's auto choose class feature.

→ Added an option to choose a random class or a selected class.

→ Fixed disable overlay effects not being done properly.
→ Fixed an issue with auto heal-arrow still running on people that were ignored in the playerlist.
Not open for further replies.
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