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Updated Rijin TF2 v2 review (for integrated GPU users only)

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(tested on 2.2.4.HOTFIX-1, some of the information here may be fixed)
(for integrated GPU users only, this may be inaccurate for people with a dedicated GPU)

Injection: (6.5/10)
The injection speed is quite lengthy when compared to other cheats, taking around 15 to 30 secs to inject. (1/2)
Injecting other cheats that support dual injection such as ******* is not quite supported (i.e chams stop working, random crashes with no error log). (0/2)
The loader's design is very minimal but extremely user-friendly. (2/2)
The loader has a built-in VAC bypass that is functional. (2/2)
The loader takes up considerably more space when compared to other cheats, however, the size is negligible. (<5 MB) (1.5/2)

Stability: (7/10)
The cheat rarely crashes on injection. (2/2)
The cheat is extremely performance-heavy and unoptimized for low-end desktops, albeit borderline usable. (1/2)
The cheat rarely crashes when saving/loading configs. (2/2)
The cheat crashes when attempting to join another server while connected to a server. (0/2)
The cheat doesn't crash when using features (2/2)

Menu: (5/10)
The menu's background and scroll bar are completely transparent, excluding the text and on/off indicators, however, the menu is still borderline usable. (3/5)
The menu layout is not very user-friendly and requires a basic amount of knowledge on what the menu is supposed to look like. (2/5)

Rage Aimbot: (7/10)
Nothing wrong with aimbot, however, there is no way to ignore a player other than by friending them on steam. (4/5)
Projectile aimbot has good movement prediction and strafe prediction, which rarely misses unless the opponent's movement is erratic. However, movement prediction can negatively impact performance. (3/5)

Legit Aimbot: (5/10)
Legit hitscan aimbot is hard to access (i.e you need to disable silent aim in order to show smoothing factor). (1/2)
Legit projectile aimbot is not very legit to spectators, and there is no way to show predicted movement at all. (1/2)
Legit hitscan aimbot is only usable for classes with automatic weapons, as the aimbot fires before aiming. (This can theoretically be prevented by using triggerbot and disabling auto fire, however it has not worked for me) (1/2)
Triggerbot is extremely good. (2/2)
There is a lack of supplementary legit functions (i.e no curving options, anti lazy options, first shot delay, target switch delay, or preserve target) (0/2)

Visuals: (8.5/10)
Chams look perfect and have a negligible impact on performance. (2/2)
Blur Glow has a noticeable impact on performance and sometimes causes crashes. (this is entirely speculation, I only say this as I crash within 1-2 minutes after enabling Blur Glow) (0.5/2)
Stencil Glow has a negligible impact on performance. (2/2)
Flag indicators are nice and have a negligible impact on performance. (2/2)
ESP is good and has a negligible impact on performance. (2/2)

HvH: (7/10)
Resolver has no issues, works amazingly, is more responsive when compared to other cheats such as ******* or ******** and has a negligible impact on performance (2/2)
Fakelag fix is perfect even in high ping conditions and has a negligible impact on performance (2/2)
Anti Aim is easy to config, however there is no auto edge or anti aim indicators. (1/2)
Double-tap works as expected even in high ping, however, the bar indicator is bugged. (1/2)
Fakelag is excellent, however the slider is invisible and takes a long time to guess where the slider is. (1/2)

Misc: (9/10)
Fast Queue works as expected (1/1)
Server Lagger works as expected but is patched from blackwonder.tf, wonderland.tf, and hvh.tf as of 17/2/2022 (1/1)
Spoof Bot Identity works. (1/1)
Bunnyhop and Autostrafer works as expected, however bunnyhop often triggers double jump as scout (0.5/1)
Avoid walls works as expected, however, it is recommended that this function is set to disabled (1/1)
Chat warnings are helpful (1/1)
Force crits works, however desyncs are somewhat common. (0.5/1)
Ragdoll effects work as expected (1/1)
Viewmodel offset works as expected (1/1)
Show silent aim works as expected (1/1)

Overall Rating: 56/80, or 70%

Suggested fixes:
Add option for toggling integrated compatibility in the loader, as integrated compatibility might cause performance issues for players not using integrated graphics cards.

Add dual injection support.

Add unload button in menu.

Make smooth aimbot shoot after aiming, not the other way round.
Summary: This cheat is mainly an HvH cheat, so if you are looking for cheats with legit functionality, this is not the cheat for you. Additionally, this cheat requires a somewhat decent computer and graphics card to run properly, so please consider getting a GPU before buying rijin.
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