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Why you should give Rijin a try

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I've always enjoyed cheating as a guilty pleasure as long as I can remember. While I don't often do it, I've kept up with content creators and the TF2 cheating landscape in general. I've seen cheats come and go through the years, so when I found out about Rijin, I was quite intrigued by this new cheat. After reading a few testimonials I felt compelled enough to try it out and bought a month long subscription.​

My Experience:​

As a connoisseur of the retardism known as legit cheating I was quite surprised when I tried out V1 Rijin, as the testimonials seem to skim over the shortcomings of old Rijin.

The complete lack of basically all legit/legit bot features.
This was obviously my biggest contention with the cheat, I consider the ability to ignore invisible spies for the aimbot and esp to be must have feature. Not being able to prevent the cheat from murdering random invisible spies makes it harder to focus and play.​
The ESP lacks customizability, which sacrifices its ability to convey information.
I'm actually fine with the looks and style of the esp, I find the chams pleasant to look at. But extrasensory perception is supposed to convey important information about the game to you, in an efficient, readable way. The lack of customization makes it difficult to "read" the esp in the chaos of a fight. Not being able to configure the esp to visually convey information prevents it from achieving its maximum purpose. Even the most basic blur glow of outline when visible and outline-solid when invisible conveys visual information which is extremely easy to read. ESP for me is about accurately conveying information to me without impairing my ability to play, which is why I actually don't use chams as it prevents me from telling when I spy is invisible.​
Rijin V1 is awkward and not the most user friendly at times.
When I got Rijin I actually couldn't get it to inject properly, getting the infamous boob or 0x00008008 error code. Why? Well little did I know that -nosteamcontroller actually broke injection and would crash the cheat. A launch option which is ubiquitous among the most common and popular performance configs. Thankfully there is the wiki which contains all this useful information, which I currently cannot locate through the site, and the link I did have (rijin-hack.github.io/docs) is currently dead. But removing -nosteamcontroller fixed it and allowed me to inject into TF2, where I immediately failed at setting up a config. After being confused at the settings tab for about a minute I went on the wiki and learned that you can load and save configs through the console, which definitely isn't inconvenient at all. There's also options of spread manipulation, once as an option in aimbot, and once as a separate item. Are they the same thing? Does the option in aimbot depend on the separate option, or are they separate and control different things? What does auto backstab depend on? Even when I had the aimbot set to on key I was still automatically stabbing people all the time.​
Needless to say I decided that Rijin isn't for me which is why I didn't play for the next 25 days of my subscription. After coming back and playing with it for a few days I can confidently cancel my subscription so I can resubscribe for a longer period of time, cause holy fuck this cheat is fun.​

Why you should give Rijin a try:

Once I was able to look past the faults of V1 Rijin and actually tried to use the cheat I had a ton of fun. Yes it was awkward at times, yes I missed being able to cycle third person using a bind, yeah I couldn't play in the same retarded style that I usually do, but using V1 Rijin's projectile aimbot and double tap was incredible. Even if the double tap and projectile aimbot aren't perfect (I sometimes get stutters using the direct hit) they are by far the best on the market right now. Everything that the testimonials say about V1 Rijin is true. Playing with V1 Rijin was the most fun I've ever had cheating in TF2.​

The reason I wrote this testimonial is because when I first got Rijin I felt mislead by some of the testimonials. Non of them were wrong or lying about their experiences, they just left out what I would consider the biggest shortcomings in their review. It really set my experience with Rijin to fail as I came in with completely different expectations to what V1 Rijin actually is. But even as a person who came in with false expectations, and might have just shattered yours, I implore you to at least give Rijin a try. If you were unsure of whether or not you wanted to try Rijin out don't take my experience as a reason to not try out Rijin but as a way to level your expectations. Once I was able to move past my expectations I had an absolute blast using Rijin, which is why I'm going to resubscribe for a longer period of time. For only being $10 a month there really isn't a reason why you shouldn't at the very least, give Rijin a try. (Unless you live in the Balkans, which in case, my condolences)​
Even though this testimonial seems less positive then many of the others I feel that it gives an honest and realistic testimonial to what V1 Rijin is. I've had a blast playing with it and I just want to reiterate that this post is NOT meant to be a malignment of the cheat or community.​
Thanks for the review, I've added some time to your subscription.

As for your gripes with the cheat everything there has been touched upon in the new version besides the option to use on-key melee which I've just added to the Trello.
Thanks, I wanted to be clear that my gripes were probably going to be fixed in V2, which is why I called it V1 Rijin a bunch. Appriciate the extra time, thank you again.
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