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TF2 2.2.7

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Staging build
  • Added scoped only option.
  • Added cheaters only option for the "Active on headshot threat" feature.
  • Improvements to auto vaccinator.
  • Made auto rocket jumper perform jumps based on direction.
  • Fixed auto vaccinator not reacting to snipers with the classic sniper rifle.
  • Fixed streamer mode votekick UI censor and auto vote breaking due to recent game update.
  • Fixed issues with no-spread if crit hack was turned off.
  • Fixed the classic sniper rifle not working properly against non player aim targets.
  • Fixed jarate, mad-milk and cleaver being affected by anti-aim.
  • Fixed minimum stickies option not going away when auto sticky detonation is not active.
  • Fixed auto disguise with the eternal reward knife not taking into account your cloak amount.
  • Fixed a false positive issue with OBB pitch detection.
  • Fixed fake duck not working with anti-aim correctly.
Not open for further replies.
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