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TF2 2.3.7

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Staging build
  • Added option to disable auto-reflect when critting from a 'forced/random crit'.
  • Added auto vaccinator chat notification.

  • The dragon's fury will now target the feet if the player is on fire. (Otherwise it'll target the center)
  • The Rocket launcher and Pill launcher will now target the center of players if they're in the air.
  • Crit ban damage will now display damage up to 100,000
  • Refactored auto-vaccinator sensitivity settings to use percentages to decrease/increase threat scores.
  • Discord webhook will now use embeds. (rijin_setwebhook "Webhook URL") in TF2's console

  • Fixed an issue with the prediction path colours.
  • Fixed a few issues with projectile simulation.
  • Fixed anti-aim active headshot config issue.
  • Fixed block noisemaker not blocking the christmas noisemaker sounds.
  • Fixed noisemaker spam picking dropped weapons.
  • Fixed a crashing issue with the "Show icons through walls" feature caused by the latest game update.
Not open for further replies.
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