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so uhhhh i wrote a whole in depth review but the draft never saved. rip.
So I'll just do a quick bullet point list. Won't be here to use the last week of my sub.

- Really good aimbot w/ good projectile prediction
- There are some glitches and mess ups in v1, it also doesn't shoot at body. So even at low hitchance sometimes you have to shoot manually.
- HvH is in the menu, but is basically useless.
- Crithack works great as expected.
- Doubletap also works great.
- Performance is just on the brink of being bad, and I have a pretty decent computer.

- Simple, not very customizable esp.
- Can't change colors, the font is too big (hope to see font scaling / custom font sizes in v2)
- Pretty barebones in general, but it gets the job done.

- Everything you need in a hack.
- Nav bot really isn't a nav bot.
- FastQ is one of the greatest features in any cheat ever.
- The auto voting is useless (probably just a joke feature)
- Skinchanger is unfinished/not working

- Need to load/save configs through console (kinda sux)

Only a 7/10 because it's unfinished and there are a few bugs. But the aimbot/proj. prediction really makes up for those glitches
Would still recommend buying just because this cheat is so much cheaper than the competition, and the projectile aimbot is probably the best compared to other hacks.
Will be back to get another sub once recode comes out. (hopefully it will release in three weeks lolz)
Really appreciate the honest review, I've added some time to your subscription. Thanks!
Not open for further replies.
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